December 31 2014

Big News for Mazda in 2014

By Dennis Kwan – Kramer Mazda

Big News for Mazda in 2014

Mazda had a great 2014, and the news and introductions coming from the Japanese manufacturer this year set the tone for what should be a great 2015. So far this year, (as of December 1), Mazda has sold more than 68 000 vehicles in Canada, and should finish the year with an increase in sales over last year. Better yet, from a corporate point of view, and from a new product standpoint, Mazda made headlines in 2014.

A brand new model

Mazda unveiled what should be one of the most talked-about vehicles of 2015, the Mazda CX-3, in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Mazda CX-3 will be the most affordable SUV in the Mazda range when it goes on sale in 2015, and will undoubtedly be one of the most fun subcompact SUVs on the market thanks to Mazda’s DNA which promotes driving dynamics and pleasure behind the wheel. The CX-3’s KODO design is a real head turner, and SKYACTIV technology will be found throughout the urban SUV.

Mazda Unlimited

Mazda shook the automotive industry to its core when it announced Mazda Unlimited, the first-ever warranty program that removes all mileage restrictions on the base, powertrain, and anti-perforation warranties, as well as removing mileage limitations on Mazda’s roadside assistance program. In other words, if you own a 2015 Mazda, you can drive as far as you want and never have to worry that your various warranties will be voided because of how many kilometers are on your odometer. Mazda Unlimited is a great testament to the reliability and durability of Mazda vehicles, as well as a strong feature when calculating resale value. 

100 000 vehicles built by Mazda in Mexico

Mazda has managed to successfully implement vehicle production in Mexico like very few other automakers have recently. Case in point, Mazda recently produced its 100 000th vehicle in Mexico. When all is said and done, Mazda will produce 250 000 vehicles in Mexico including the Mazda 2 and Mazda 3.

The new Mazda MX-5

Every sport car enthusiast knows about the Mazda MX-5, and every single enthusiast knows that Mazda unveiled the latest generation of its iconic roadster this year. The new Mazda MX-5 is even more stylish with its sweeping hood, muscular stance and powerful-looking rear-end. The MX-5 should also prove to be even more fun to drive thanks to a new engine and chassis directly derived from the SKYACTIV technology parts bin.

The Mazda 2

Along with the MX-5, Mazda unveiled the brand new Mazda 2 this year which should launch on the market next year. The new-generation subcompact will be even more spacious than ever, and also more fuel-efficient. We also expect more power and better driving dynamics. Finally, Mazda’s new 2 will feature the automaker’s KODO design language which should make it turn heads as it drives down the road.

Yes, 2014 was good for Mazda, and 2015 should be even better!

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