November 24 2014

Mazda unveils one-of-a-kind unlimited mileage warranty

By Dennis Kwan – Kramer Mazda

Mazda unveils one-of-a-kind unlimited mileage warranty

Mazda is changing the way consumers are protected under the manufacturer’s warranty. Starting now, owners will no longer have to worry about how many kilometers they have put on their car, their new Mazda vehicle will be protected under the umbrella of a brand new and unique unlimited mileage warranty.

This first-of-its-kind new protection plan is comprehensive across the range of Mazda’s various warranties attached to its vehicles. That means that regardless of whether we are talking about the 3-year New Vehicle Warranty or the 5-year Powertrain Warranty, there will no longer be any mileage restrictions such as 60 000 or 100 000 kilometers. There are no longer any mileage restrictions when it comes to the 3-year Roadside Assistance Plan as well as the 7-year Anti-Perforation Warranty.

The most interesting aspect of this new initiative by Mazda is without question the now unrestricted New Vehicle and Powertrain warranties. Mazda’s new 3-year New Vehicle Warranty is a bumper-to-bumper, full coverage warranty that protects the vehicle’s air conditioning, sensors, fuel system and electronics, to name just a few components.

The New Vehicle warranty is the most comprehensive, and protects the consumer against having to pay for repairs on most vehicle defects, with the exception of normal wear and maintenance. The standard length in the industry and with models competing with Mazda in terms of the New Car warranty is 3 years, or 60 000 kilometers. This translates to 20 000 kilometers per year. No longer having any mileage restriction is great news for those of us who use their car frequently during the year, for business or personal reasons.

In keeping with Mazda’s sporty personality and the automaker’s fun vehicles, the ability to drive as far as you want all while having the peace of mind of knowing that no matter how far you go, you are still protected by Mazda’s various warranties, is great news indeed.

The 5-year Powertrain warranty is less comprehensive, regardless of which model you are looking at. That said, Mazda’s 5-year Powertrain warranty will protect your vehicle’s engine, transmission, driveshaft and other major mechanical components for a full five years, regardless of how many miles you have on your vehicle.

Owners can also benefit from a 3-year Roadside assistance package that ensures you will never be left stranded. Finally, the 7-year Anti-Perforation warranty will keep your vehicle’s body free for deep rust, making sure it continues to look as beautiful seven years from now than it did on the first day you bought it.

This new initiative by Mazda is an industry first, and is certainly a major announcement that is sure to change how consumers see warranties and vehicle protection. To learn more about Mazda’s new unlimited mileage warranties, contact Kramer Mazda today!

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