Mazda Skyactiv Technology

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Groundbreaking innovation is in our DNA

Mazda's breakthrough SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is an innovative automotive engineering strategy that delivers superior fuel economy, enhanced safety, lower emissions and a natural, intuitive response to driver input – all without ever giving up an ounce of Mazda’s signature driving exhilaration.

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Fuel economy

SkyActiv Fuel Economy | Kramer Mazda

Lower Fuel Consumption

The SKYACTIV-G 2.0 L engine produces more low/mid-range torque, yet has lower fuel consumption and emissions than our previous 2.0 L engine.

6-hole direct fuel injector

A high-pressure 6-hole direct fuel injector helps keep fuel cool to improve combustion efficiency.

High Efficiency

The 2.5 L SKYACTIV-G engine has a high compression ratio for superior fuel economy and low- and mid-range torque that surpasses conventional gasoline engines.


Improved Torque | Kramer Mazda

Improved Torque

The SKYACTIV-G engine is the world’s first gasoline engine for mass production vehicles to achieve a high compression ratio of 13:1, capturing more energy from fuel and improving fuel efficiency and torque.

Raise the Compression Ratio | Kramer Mazda

Raise the Compression Ratio

The dome-shaped pistons in the SKYACTIV-G engine raise the compression ratio, harnessing more energy from the fuel.

Reduces Friction | Kramer Mazda

Reduces Friction

The SKYACTIV-G engine improves oil and water pump efficiency, and reduces friction in pistons, rods and the crankshaft.

4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold | Kramer Mazda

4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold

The special 4-2-1 exhaust manifold is one of the innovations in the SKYACTIV-G engine that helps make a high compression ratio possible.

SkyActiv Engines | Kramer Mazda


SkyActiv Transmission | Kramer Mazda
Precise Responsiveness | Kramer Mazda

Precise Responsiveness

To build the SKYACTIV-Drive transmission, we combined all the best features of modern transmissions to get smooth shifting, steady acceleration, and the precise responsiveness of a manual.

More Torque Quickly | Kramer Mazda

More Torque Quickly

The SKYACTIV-Drive transmission takes the speed of the driver’s pedal inputs into account. When the pedal is pressed slowly, the transmission does not shift until the driver has used all available torque. When the pedal is pressed quickly, the transmission shifts down sooner to give the driver more torque more quickly.

6-Speed SKYACTIV-MT | Kramer Mazda


Inspired by the legendary MX-5, the 6-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission is smaller, lighter and stronger than any we’ve built before – promoting better fuel economy.

More Fuel Efficiency
 | Kramer Mazda

More Fuel Efficiency

SKYACTIV-Drive transmission delivers more fuel efficiency than our previous automatic transmission, combining the responsive feel of a manual with the smoothness of an automatic.