Whether you are new to Calgary or have lived here your whole life one thing’s for sure: winter driving season is here and it is here to stay! Let’s face it, no one likes to drive in the snow! And, as the storms come, it can be scary on those roads. That’s why we have come up with a list of winter driving tips in hopes of keeping you just a little bit safer on the roads.

One of our biggest recommendations for staying safe on Calgary roads is to ensure you have a great set of winter tires. Kramer Mazda has great winter tire packages that can be found HERE.

Why are they important? The tread on winter tires is specially designed to grip snow and ice, making it less likely you will slip and slide all over the roads.

The next most important thing you can do is educate yourself on how to act and react when driving in the winter. Avoiding ice and snow is next to impossible here in Calgary, but if you know how to respond when in an icy situation you will feel much safer on the roads!

Our friends at Canada Drives have put together an amazing 5 tip list and we love it. Check it out here!

Remember, we are always here to answer any of your winter driving questions.